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Re: [wmx] Resize-thingy-bug

Jason Smith - Mon Apr 19 16:50:47 1999

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, Michael ROGERS wrote:

> >How about getting rid of the borders and titlebar altogether when not in
> >use?... it is really just redundant data after you switch to the window,
> >and takes up valueable screen space.
> But those skeletal borders look so cool :)

You dont abolish them altogether... just when not in use.. it could be
configurable to preferences...

> >Why not have a hot key that would bring up window borders and titles while
> >the mouse is over (or whatever focus method you use) it. That way you can
> >keep the functionality of them and even increase it, while maximizing screen 
> >real estate.
> It would be tidy, but you wouldn't be able to see the titles of unfocussed
> windows - this might be a pain.

sure you would... hold down the hot key and move around the mouse... or
use the context menu on root win, this is no worse than current
implementation and better in the way of configurability

> >And what the hell is wrong with the resize triangle? it is very
> >unobtrusive right now and I have NEVER had any trouble with it. Yes the
> >colors change (IT'S TRANSPARENT!) and even if its not sometimes, it is a
> >very small nudge... which could be further hidden by the above patch.
> I've never had it cause any problems either (other than redrawing the edge of 
> the triangle but not filling it). However I understand from the README that it 
> can cause problems with xterms (perhaps because it overlaps the terminal 
> window and needs to be redrawn every time the terminal scrolls).

Chris noted to the list that it was indeed a bug, however it has never
"bugged" (teehee) me.... I always use xterms

> >of course I am talking as the lead mouse in operation: BELL-THE-CAT
> >because I myself will probably never make these changes...
> And I may not be able to make them either, so maybe I should keep a low 
> profile until I have something to show!


>  - Michael Rogers