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Re: [wmx] Resize-thingy-bug

Jason Smith - Tue Apr 20 18:19:35 1999

On Mon, 19 Apr 1999, O'Shaughnessy Evans wrote:

> Jason Smith <jason@artcomp-design.com> wrote:
> > 
> > > I don't quite understand what you're proposing. Would you have one focussed
> > > window (with border etc) and the rest without borders unless the mouse (or
> > > mouse + hot key) was over them?
> > 
> > yes, and no... you would be able to choose. I myself would rather that the
> > window borders were never displayed unless I used the HotKey. That way I
> > have a noninvasive way of seeing titles and resizing and such
> One thing you might want to be careful about is building a whole lot
> of non-functional configuration options into wmx.  To me, one of the
> attractions of this WM is that it's so simple.  There isn't a huge
> document describing a myriad of configuration options, and none of the
> bloat that goes along with supporting all that flexibility.  Options
> certainly have their place, but when it's something as trivial as "do we
> show unfocused borders or not", I'd rather leave that kind of stuff out
> of the runtime environment.  Of course, I'm not doing the developing
> here, so take this all with a huge grain of salt :)
> Best regards.

it seems not a great many of us here are :)

My attraction to wmx is that is so noninvasive... I dont want a
filemanager on my desktop, I can easily launch one when I need it and
don't find the need that often. I also dont care for elaborate menus. I
only use 3 or 4 things often enough to warrant easy access... everything
else is worth the extra effort of having to actually type the name in an
xterm. menu launch folders in a wm are silly. (IMHO) 

I see my above ideas as a way of continuing into that noninvasive
environment that I relish so much. I don't even want to know my window
manager is there. Unless I ask for it.

If I wanted fancy window borders and funky menus, I have other options. If
I want a tiny, functional, almost invisible wm I will choose wm2 or wmx.

I'm sure you could emulate most of wmx in enlightenment and someone prolly
already has written a theme to do it(?). Where does it leave wm(x)? with
the challenge of offering more performance/less memory and something
different enough to warrant it.

This is one of many suggestions on this list that I think push us in that

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> O'Shaughnessy Evans
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