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[wmx] Re: Resize-thingy-bug

cannam - Sat Apr 17 12:23:08 1999

Linus Nilsson <d96ln@efd.lth.se> writes:
> What happens is that the small resize-triangle in the lower
> right corner of the focused window is not redrawn, but stays "damaged",
> beeing partly filled with black color or something similar.
> Is this a bug, a feature, something i've misconfigured in Config.h?

It is a bug.  But it's a bit too subtle for me too understand fully
(I was always amazed enough that the resize-handle hack worked at all)
and it has never annoyed me enough to make me really work at fixing it.
I am therefore content to selflessly leave it in the capable hands of
all the people on the wmx mailing-list.