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Re: [wmx] OpenGL problem..

Damion Yates - Thu Feb 07 13:16:46 2002

On Thu, 7 Feb 2002, Teemu Voipio wrote:

> I have following problem with OpenGl applications:
> The framerate is normal when the application does not have input focus.  As
> soon as it gets input focus, the framerate drops to a third or something.
> I think this might have something to do with the "grip" in the bottom-right
> corner of all windows. Anybody had similar problems ?

This is a documented feature of the grip, I believe you can configure wmx to
not have it at all.  It's mentioned as slowing the Xterm redraw if you don't
have a wide left scrollbar.  I also get it with windows 3d OpenGL apps, and
simply dragging the window a few pixels off the left of the screen fixes it,

> PS. I'll go on by removing that "grip" thing (two lines) temporarily..

Oh, I assumed it was on the Config.h, I'll bother checking now.. No it's not,
actually the README says to try a different terminal emulator :)

I normally use 3d apps in fullscreen which sort out any problems like this,
but could you let us know which lines you found so I have the option.

I've seen your following email, and that doesn't tally with what I've
experienced.  I find it IS related to the resize grip, but it doesn't bother
me it's eating in to the actual X window so it's not surprising that would
happen, I wouldn't consider this a fault.


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