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[wmx] Sorry! I used Windows!

Damion Yates - Thu Feb 07 15:45:41 2002

My friend Ciaran (of evilwm fame) recently left the department here at the
BBC (possible job for unix gurus).  To my surprise despite being as adamant
about not using windows as I am, he has been too much of a wimp to moan as his
boss about being forced to use a windows box.  Until he fixes this and bungs
*bsd/linux on it he's started using cygwin and has been keeping me up to date
about it.

It actually sounded worth checking out, so I tried, I got X working
fullscreen and with Xterms bash, ssh and a few other basic X apps it is VERY
difficult to remember you're in windows.*

So obviously I tried wmx, and while it compiled perfectly it didn't quite
work, there was no mapping for Alt.  After trying a few things out I failed
to get the header files to match what xev was telling my my Alt key was
sending.  So I hardwired the .C file that used it to match the hex code I was
getting.  This made it work.

I'd send screenshots, but it would just look like a UNIX desktop :)

*Apart from the fact that cygwin on win98 on a PIII500 with 128M ram looks
like a 386sx25 with 4 meg ram would look running Linux.  - I won't be booting
to the emergency partition I left for loadlin in again!


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