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Re: [wmx] OpenGL problem..

Chris Cannam - Fri Feb 08 09:09:39 2002

Teemu Voipio wrote:

my "PieMenu"-hack

You have pie menus in wmx?

I'm quite a fan of pie menus, particularly when your pointing
device isn't a mouse -- for example, they work well with those
laptop nipple-type pointing devices.  But I've never found them
much use with dynamically-generated menus, because the menu
items move around each time the menu is generated.  And it's
hard to get the items placed well within the menu, as different
lengths of text label have different ideal placements.  Since
the only menus in wmx are dynamically-generated, I never saw
much point in trying to implement pie menus, but I'd still be
very interested in knowing about it if someone else has.