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Re: [wmx] Alt key

Damion Yates - Thu Feb 07 12:48:33 2002

On Wed, 6 Feb 2002, Paul Bailey wrote:

> OK, I confess: I'm fairly new to Linux, new to XFree86 and very new to wmx.
> So can someone tell me: why do I get a message in my console screen, "wmx:
> Alt key record in inconsistent state"?  Everything else seems to work fine,
> in fact I wish I'd quit Windows earlier!

I started getting that loads after a kludgy patch I added to allow me to move
windows with Alt-left_mouse_click at any location in a window.  I assumed it
was my fault :)  But as it didn't seem to do anything bad other than display
some stuff to the output, I commented the line out.

As you won't be using my patch (I assume), I guess it's not my code at all
(only a few lines anyway) but my code probably means the sequence of mouse
clicks and alt presses causes it more.  I suggest finding the line in the
code and adding a // at the beginning of the line... or somebody should fix
it :)


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