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[wmx] wmx a winner? Window managers in BBC Internet Services.

Damion Yates - Tue Sep 18 18:58:25 2001

Window managers in BBC Internet Services.

Internet Services in the BBC use a very random selection of window managers,
the Internet Operations team of which I'm the senior member use wmx more than
any other window manager :)  I've won the battle, though it did take getting
my girlfriend employed in to the department!

It goes like this:

wmx: 3
evilwm: 2 (evilwm.sourceforge.net - a WM written by a member of I.S.)
olwm: 2
wmaker: 2
cde: 1

Outside this team olwm wins with about 11 users total, nobody else uses wmx
but it probably stays 2nd place in a team of about 22 users (one person uses

Just thought I'd let you hear the good(ish) news.


Damion Yates - Senior Internet Operations Engineer - Internet Services
email: Damion.Yates@bbc.co.uk - phone: +44 1737 839510