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[wmx] Strangness w/exmh and wmx 6

Sean J. Schluntz - Thu Sep 13 20:31:13 2001

Is anyone else using wmx with exmh?  Everything with this wm works great
until I create a new window with exmh (reply, compose, forward, attach
message, etc.)

That window goes away as is expected when you are done with the message,
but if you then look at the windows list (right click on root window)
you see that the window is still there.  You can bring it back up and
look at it but exmh knows it's done as the send button no longer works.

You can close the window, or even use the righ-click until kill command
and the window goes away, but still it is in the window list and can 
be brought back.  The only way to get rid of these extra windows is to
cleanly close exmh.

Any ideas about this?