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Re: [wmx] problems configuring wmx

Chris Cannam - Mon Sep 10 13:56:15 2001

Gerald Willmann wrote:

> For example I tried setting
> define CONFIG_NEW_WINDOW_COMMAND "/usr/X11R6/bin/xterm"

You've evidently tried to "uncomment" the definitions by
removing the # at the start of the line.  Unfortunately in
this file, the # is not a comment character.  These are
C/C++ preprocessor directives, and the # is part of the
directive ("#define").

(Config.h is simply a piece of C++ code that is included
into other files to set some defaults.  Therefore, comments
are indicated in the same way as in C and C++ -- either
enclosed within /* ... */, or prefixed with //.)

Your first email also referred to changing a value from
"(dConfig.fullMenu())" to "False".  The parameters that are
defined in terms of dConfig are the ones that can be set
at runtime using the dynamic configuration mechanism --
described, slightly vaguely, in the README file.  It's not
necessary to change their values in Config.h unless you
want to make them _not_ configurable at runtime.  (Another
alternative would be to leave them runtime-configurable
but change their hardcoded default values in lines 52-59
of Config.C.)

Hope this is of some help.



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