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[wmx] problems configuring wmx

Gerald Willmann - Mon Sep 10 12:17:33 2001

Hi there: not sure whether my previous message got to the list. I'm trying
to configure/compile wmx(6) and am having a hard time. I now got it
compiled and running with adding -lXpm to the Makefile and not touching
Config.h  But as soon as I uncomment something there (as I would like to)
I get errors. For example I tried setting

define CONFIG_NEW_WINDOW_COMMAND "/usr/X11R6/bin/xterm"

and get

Config.h:79: syntax error before string constant
In file included from Border.h:5,
                 from Border.C:2:
General.h:78: parse error before `}'
make: *** [Border.o] Error 1

Perhaps I'm doing something obviously wrong but what?

thx,  Gerald