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Re: [wmx] wmx a winner? Window managers in BBC Internet Services.

Chris Cannam - Wed Sep 19 10:50:21 2001

Damion Yates wrote:

> wmx: 3
> evilwm: 2 (evilwm.sourceforge.net - a WM written by a member of I.S.)

Never used this, but the screenshot shows some rather neatly
tiled windows.  Is that just because Ciaran likes to tile his
windows neatly, or does evilwm implement some tiling algorithm?

> olwm: 2

Well, I like olwm a lot.

btw, that feature you were talking about having (somewhat)
implemented -- can you make a relatively small patch so we can
mess around with it?  It'd be fine to make a patch against some
older version of wmx -- whichever one was your base version, or
whichever one gives the smallest patch.  And I'd say post it
to the list unless it's more than a few dozen K (surely not!).

I'm not promising to do anything with it myself, mind.

I still have a few things I'd like to add to the manager.  I'd
like an option for attempting to tile windows neatly on creation,
rather than just placing them at incrementing x/y coordinates
(hence my question about evilwm).  It'd have to be a fairly
sophisticated algorithm to be worth the bother though.  And I'd
like proper session-management, that saved the position and
desktop of windows on exit (I don't run Gnome or KDE, but I
think in any case this bit is up to the wm -- I got part way
through doing this in Session.[Ch] a couple of years ago but
never finished).

Also a couple of bugs that irritate me: if a client deletes
itself while you have the client menu visible (the most common
culprit for me is the Mozilla download progress dialog) and
then you roll the mouse over it on the menu, wmx crashes in
the mad-feedback code.  If you leave the mouse pointer over the
title bar of a window and then the window changes its title to
something shorter, it can lose focus because the pointer is no
longer over the shorter title bar.  And I keep meaning to deal
with the Mozilla file selection dialog that always appears at
position (0,0).  Reminds me of the old "UsePPosition non-zero"
hack in twm ("for working around a bug in older toolkits").



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