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[wmx] rotating an undecorated window

Lauren Commons - Wed Sep 05 16:44:38 2001

This is not a wmx-specific question, but I figured I
could get some guidance here....
I use wmx on my laptop; it is great for the small
screen.  I also use xnodecor to put a clock in the top
right corner and the apm output in the lower right
corner to monitor batter charge.
Unfortunately, that is often covered by my emacs
(Speedbar) window.
What I would like to do is put the apm and the clock
windows in the lower left, but rotated so they fit
inthe space below the tab of my main emacs window.
Any hints on 1) if someone has already done it; 2) how
I can do it (I'm not expert at X; barely proficient at
c) 3) where I get more direction.



Mr Lauren Commons
A person of moderate zeal

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