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Re: [wmx] Keyboard/focus trouble

olof - Mon Aug 27 20:41:58 2001

>>>>> "Lauren" == Lauren Commons <lhcommons@yahoo.com> writes:

> I have a similar problem sometimes, I think: If I am on a channel
> and close all windows then I can't switch channels.  I don't know
> about other keyboard control).  If I open a window (e.g. an xterm)
> and put the mouse pointer over it, then I can switch channels with
> the keyboard.  I just tried reproducing it but couldn't...  I guess
> I'm so happy with wmx that it never occured to me to compalin about
> this ;-)

Of course I am also happy with wmx, or I would not use it :-)

I see this problem too.  It occurs much more often when I use

I'm not sure how to proceed with debugging this.  Any ideas, anyone?

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