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Re: multi-session terminal (was Re: [wmx] window stacking and multiple tabs )

Owen Cameron - Tue Jun 20 04:09:49 2000

On Mon, Jun 19, 2000 at 08:42:27AM -0400, Greck Cannon did utter:
> The most indispensible feature of screen is its detachability.  from work,
> or anywhere else your connection is questionable and you are likely to
> lose your session, it keeps you from losing any work in progress.
> I guess in the true spirit of having a lightweight window manager,
> screen is the right answer.  And you get all the bonus functions like
> searchable scrollback, etc etc etc.

nemo [heart] screen. *nods*

However, I've recently been seduced (but not yet converted) to twin. 
Text WINdow manager. It has the detachability functionality of screen
(albiet in a not-so-user-friendly commanline) with the GUI'ness of multiple
windows, all wrapped up in a bix text mode block. (console or X work well)

I haven't switched to it for everything yet (amongst other things, it's not
much use from a CRT.EXE window at work, unlike screen ;) but it's
increasingly tempting!


I'd comment on the wmx window stacking proposal, but I can't think of
anything particularly relevant or usefull that hasn't already been proposed. 

Personally, I doubt I'd use the feature all that much. (sometimes with
netscape maybe, since I run out of memory on my Xterminal if more than 2 or
3 netscape windows are alive at once)

I'd personally find more use in being able to tile multiple windows within a
single border. Could get messy when windows are different sizes though (ie,
most of hte time) ...but I'd love to be able to, say, gather all my gimp
windows in a single border and manage them as that single collective.

This harks back somewhat to the dock(ish) idea I proposed ages back. 

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