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Re: multi-session terminal (was Re: [wmx] window stacking and multiple tabs )

Greck Cannon - Mon Jun 19 14:42:39 2000

On Mon, Jun 19, 2000 at 09:10:54PM +1000, Joel Reicher wrote:
> ftp://ftp.uni-erlangen.de/pub/utilities/screen/
> Cannot recommend it enough. It's listed as gnu software (not written by
> FSF, however) but for some reason is not on the gnu ftp site at the moment.

awww that's the easy way out... =)

The most indispensible feature of screen is its detachability.  from work,
or anywhere else your connection is questionable and you are likely to
lose your session, it keeps you from losing any work in progress.

I guess in the true spirit of having a lightweight window manager,
screen is the right answer.  And you get all the bonus functions like
searchable scrollback, etc etc etc.


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