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Re: multi-session terminal (was Re: [wmx] window stacking and multiple tabs )

Damion Yates - Mon Jun 19 16:09:50 2000

I cannot find any words that can express my feelings towards screen

It is the bestest program in the entire universe!!!!!!!!!!

You, see that doesn't come close, it's better than what I just described.

I've used it for about 7 years and it's in use in several mission critical
systems within the BBC, my work environment is 1 large pixmapped rxvt with
screen for all work, then xclipboard/ispell/clock/load and netscape for
anything graphical, that w3m and lynx doesn't like.  All in wmx !

This is how my work for the past years is able to fit in to new tech like my
nokia9110 which also does Vnc ;)  and I'm more powerful than the rest of the
Beeb cos of it.


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