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[wmx] Tab idea...

Jerronimo - Mon Jun 19 16:03:30 2000

Something i just thought of...

Since you guys are working on tab stuff. it'd be nice to move a tab along
the side of a window...  I like to put multiple terms on the left edge of
my screen, then i can just hit the tabs to switch between them, well, it'd
be nice if i can make them all max vertical size, but have the tabs
arranged along the side of the screen...

I suppose i can change the titlebar text to be longer for the ones i want
to be lower, but that doesn't really work...

fyi, i use the attached script to change xterm names.  just type
"xtermname foobar" to name your xterm "foobar"

i figured it's small enough, and mostly on topic that no one would mind.


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