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Re: [wmx] excellent "tabbing" feature in PWM

Lasse Rasinen - Sun Jun 18 13:12:16 2000

An Thi-Nguyen Le <viper@srh0967.urh.uiuc.edu> writes:

> Here are some very cheap mockups of such a tabbing feature.  They 
> differ in handling the tab(s) button(s).  It's another concern: how 
> would you tell which window in the stack was currently active (see 
> first picture)?  wmx doesn't have the active/inactive colors of pwm 
> per se.  
> In the second picture, each tab has its own button so its easy to see 
> which tab is focused.  I don't know, however, if this is elegant or 
> not.  It looks choppy.
> In the third picture, only the focused window has its button, and the 
> rest do not.  This looks nicer, I think.

I had yet another vision, text style mockup here:

/ xterm / xterm / xterm [ ]|

Here we have three xterms, the last one of which is active.

/ xterm / xterm | xterm [ ]|

Here the middle one is active. Note how it appears to be on top of all the
rest. Also, the button stays where it always is. 

Then again, would the button close/hide the entire frame or just the
current window? I prefer hiding the entire frame and closing just the
current frame (not that I use close too much, but...)

/ xterm | xterm / xterm [ ]|

And the last one is active here. You might like to add some spacing in
your mockups around the text, the tabs looked a bit cramped.

(And please, next time put then in the web and not as attachments, OK?
Pretty please?)

> }    How would one attach a new tab to an existing window?
> Perhaps in a similar manner that window grouping is done?

Not really, since the WGs are fixed and known in advance. Something like
"Choose parent window, Alt-leftclick the new window" might work. Removing
might be simply Alt-leftclick on the combined tab.

Implementation details: I feel this would mean a thorough rewrite of (at
least) the Border class.I can't do it, since I still don't understand it
(and I've tried since wmx-4 ;)
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