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Re: [wmx] excellent "tabbing" feature in PWM

Antti Rasinen - Sat Jun 17 22:13:22 2000

> In the third picture, only the focused window has its button, and
> the rest do not.  This looks nicer, I think.

As it might look nice, it wouldn't be very comfortable to use. At the
moment you don't have to think much about the button, since it's
always at the same place.

One possibility is that you always bring the active tab as the topmost
tab. Then both the position and the button determine the active
tab. The side-effect is that it's disturbing to the user when the tabs
get rearranged. It's considerably less annoying than moving button, I

There's some problems with tabs, though. First of all, imagine a
window with say five netscapes attached to it. We then have 5 tabs,
all with text "Netscape:" in them. Oh sod.

Lastly, you can't add them without changing the functionality of
current wmx. If selecting the tab is left-click, you lose the ability
to move windows from non-active tabs. Middle-click is kinda vital too,
altough I could live without the right-click's window cycling.

This is a cool feature. I hope there won't be too many compromises in
the final implementation.

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