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Re: [wmx] excellent "tabbing" feature in PWM

An Thi-Nguyen Le - Sat Jun 17 16:40:10 2000

}    One idea that comes to mind is something like this (image flipped 90
}    degrees clockwise to save space):
}     _____________________________
}    / xterm 1 | xterm 2 | xterm 3 |
}    ------------------------------|
}                                  |
}    ie. only the lowest has the triangular edge we know and love.
}    Someone could probably do a mockup picture easily (I would do it
}    now if I wasn't so dead tired. If someone doesn't beat me to it, expect
}    one later today or tomorrow)

Here are some very cheap mockups of such a tabbing feature.  They 
differ in handling the tab(s) button(s).  It's another concern: how 
would you tell which window in the stack was currently active (see 
first picture)?  wmx doesn't have the active/inactive colors of pwm 
per se.  

In the second picture, each tab has its own button so its easy to see 
which tab is focused.  I don't know, however, if this is elegant or 
not.  It looks choppy.

In the third picture, only the focused window has its button, and the 
rest do not.  This looks nicer, I think.

} 2) The window switching operations. Both the right mouse button and
}    Alt-Tab (or equivalent) currently switch between windows? How would one
}    switch between tabs on a keyboard? 

Maybe alt-tab could do everything, or else just find another alt-key 

}    How would one attach a new tab to an existing window?

Perhaps in a similar manner that window grouping is done?

An Thi-Nguyen Le
|If you analyse anything, you destroy it.
|		-- Arthur Miller

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