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Re: [wmx] wheel mice

Jakob Schlyter - Tue May 16 16:23:43 2000

On Tue, 16 May 2000, cannam wrote:

>  -- Richard Sharman's patch makes rotating the wheel flip
>     the channel up or down.  If the pointer's over a window
>     frame, it'll take that window with it.
>  -- Fraser McCrossan's patch makes rotating the wheel
>     circulate the windows.  It also exchanges button-2 and
>     button-3, so that button-2 (clicking the wheel) does
>     the circulate or channel-flip action which is a bit
>     more consistent with the other use of the wheel.

I think that Sharman's patch works better; changing buttons could be bad,
like if you have a laptop with an integrated touchpad (2 buttons) +
external wheelmouse (3 buttons + 2 "wheel" buttons). I really like the old
buttons style, with just the channel flipping added.


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