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[wmx] another new tarball

Chris Cannam - Wed May 24 21:51:08 2000

Okay, we have wmx-6pre6.  I'm not quite sure what
happened to 6pre5, it didn't seem to be up on the
server even though I definitely had a copy on my
local disc.  Just one of those things, I guess.
I'll probably find it was identical to pre4.


This one has more multihead fixes and some other
stuff from Sven, plus Lasse's latest channel-menu
hack.  I honestly can't remember (I'm writing this
from a quite different box) whether I included a
wheel patch, but I suspect I didn't -- Richard
Sharman's patch will be in the next one, if it's
not in this.  Ho hum.

One thing this does have is a more tasteful
background.xpm -- omitted from the patches for size
reasons.  I was getting pretty sick of that green
thing, and the way it kept coming back every time
I had to make a release build.