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Re: [wmx] New tarball, and some questions

Sven Oliver Moll - Mon May 22 09:44:46 2000

On 18 May 2000, Lasse Rasinen wrote:

>Having used this at work for a few days, I've noticed that the
>ShowGeometry box now appears at the bottom of the screen. Has this come
>from some of the fixes or is it some new innovation? And what's the
>reasoning for it? I prefer the old location, squarely at the middle of the
I did. For two reasons. First, I like it better, since the one in the better
was always "in my way" when placing a window. Second it was to tell apart my
multihead version of wmx from 6pre1 during development. It came to the release
by accident: I simply forgot to remove it. But why not have the position
selectable via Config.h?

I tried to implement the diffrent channel for each screen option this weekend,
by I failed miserably :-(. Where I did succeed, was putting the channel number
on each screen plus some cleanup in the multihead code. The changes will be
sent to Chris tomorrow.

Greetings from Germany,
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