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Re: [wmx] another new tarball

cannam - Thu May 25 11:13:38 2000

"O'Shaughnessy Evans" <oevans@acm.org> writes:
>   Manager.h:209: `static int WindowManager::numdigits(int)' is private
>   Menu.C:754: within this context

Yep, it's true.  Looks like numdigits() is declared in
the wrong place in Manager.h.

To make it suitably public, locate its definition in
that file and cut-&-paste it up to just above the line
containing the "private:" keyword.

I suspect this bug is my fault, and of course it will
only show up on multihead systems so I hadn't seen it.
(Actually I'm not convinced numdigits() should be a
member of WindowManager at all; this might even be a
case for a [gasp] C-style ordinary global function.)