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Re: [wmx] another new tarball

O'Shaughnessy Evans - Wed May 24 23:24:28 2000

Chris Cannam <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com> wrote:
> Okay, we have wmx-6pre6.  I'm not quite sure what
> happened to 6pre5, it didn't seem to be up on the
> server even though I definitely had a copy on my
> local disc.  Just one of those things, I guess.
> I'll probably find it was identical to pre4.

Very cool!  I was getting a seg fault using the last release (pre4) on
a multi-head system, so I'm hoping this will work out better.  I get
this error when trying to compile, though:

  % make
  c++ -c  Menu.C
  Menu.C: In method `char ** CommandMenu::getItems(int *, int *)':
  Manager.h:209: `static int WindowManager::numdigits(int)' is private
  Menu.C:754: within this context
  Manager.h:209: `static int WindowManager::numdigits(int)' is private
  Menu.C:771: within this context
  make: *** [Menu.o] Error 1

Any ideas?

> One thing this does have is a more tasteful
> background.xpm -- omitted from the patches for size
> reasons.  I was getting pretty sick of that green
> thing, and the way it kept coming back every time
> I had to make a release build.

Nice :)

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