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Re: [wmx] wheel mice

cannam - Tue May 16 15:56:26 2000

Chris Cannam <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com> writes:
> Now, I don't have a wheel mouse so I can't answer this
> myself: Which of these should I include?

For those who haven't the time or energy to go through the
patches and work out exactly what they do, here's a summary
from the descriptions (given that I haven't tested either one):

 -- Richard Sharman's patch makes rotating the wheel flip
    the channel up or down.  If the pointer's over a window
    frame, it'll take that window with it.

 -- Fraser McCrossan's patch makes rotating the wheel
    circulate the windows.  It also exchanges button-2 and
    button-3, so that button-2 (clicking the wheel) does
    the circulate or channel-flip action which is a bit
    more consistent with the other use of the wheel.

I'd have thought that Fraser's patch was a more commonly
useful application of the wheel, but I'm not so happy that
it changes the meanings of the buttons (because obviously
that would affect anyone with an ordinary three-button
mouse).  I have the same problem with the GNOME patch,
though in both cases I can see why they do it.