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Re: [wmx] Shapes and stuff

Andrew Chadwick - Tue Jul 13 17:45:25 1999

On Fri, Jul 09, 1999 at 05:14:14AM -0700, henri wrote:
> www.nidal.com/~henri/wmx
> has my latest hack (only tested w/ one app, GQmpeg). it detects if a window
> is using the shapes extensions (hopefully it's not rectangular) and
> "hides" the title tab and background so it looks like it would under E
> or something.

Looks fine from here, running on a glibc2 Linux/PPC box. I've tried it
with xeyes and bclock, and those work great.

I notice that the shape-using windows are displayed only on one workspace.
This is the right thing to do if a window is opened by the user during a
session, but it would be neat if wmx could spot shape-using windows as it
starts up, and display those on *every* workspace. Just cut them loose,
perhaps setting their override-redirect a` la xnodecor.

Doing this would remove the need for xnodecor; perhaps this is no bad
thing as you have to hit it with a fairly big stick to get it working on
some machines at the moment... *g*

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