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Re: [wmx] Shapes and stuff (GQmpeg now looks good)

henri - Tue Jul 13 19:14:56 1999

cannam <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com> wrote: 

> > welcome back. 
> Thanks!  It's been fun lurking (well, mostly) on the list.  I'm sure
> there are some changes I don't quite approve of, but hey, it's not
> up to me any more.  I think my job is just to update the web page
> every now and again.
> Is there a single, vaguely current latest archive with most of the
> mainstream patches in it?  (Does GNOMEification count as mainstream?
> It's something I _do_ approve of...)  And would another release
> soonish be a good idea?

I've done two things, the gnome support and the shaped windows, both
are applied to Sec's latest release (wmx-5sec6). 

ok, so my lack of diffs is starting to become dumb, i updated my site
(www.nidal.com/~henri/wmx) w/ a bug fixed tarball and a patch (to go
from wmx-5sec6 to the gnome+shape stuff).

so if you want to add the gnome stuff and the shape stuff the latest
tarball is on my site. if you only want to add one of those i can cut
out one or the other. otherwise the latest stuff is on Sec's site.

the bug fix is the pager updating bug, i think the pager should stay
much more in sync w/ the # of channels than it did before. also it
won't accept a request to flip to a channel that doesn't exist (which
used to cause a nice tight loop of channel flipping)

>  and did anyone ever fix that Japanese language support?

i wish i know japanese :) (I have no idea what the answer is to this