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[wmx] How making a "lowlight" effect

o o - Tue Jun 15 11:32:03 2004


So I am a newbie, and I am working on wmx-6.
Now I am trying to make a "lowlight" effect on certains window.
For example, if gedit send a DIALOG window, the NORMAL window gedit must be "lowlight" (like matchbox) and not the DIALOG window. But the problem, I do not know how I can make this. I have used some GC funtions but not all of the NORMAL window has changed his colors. I have also tried with Pixmap, but I don't know how to display the Pixmaps.

I think there is something i don't know about Input/Output of NORMAL window, so all the NORMAL window can not be changed.

Have a nice day!


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