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Re: [wmx] WMX GNOME and other enhancements patch

Chris Cannam - Tue Nov 28 12:08:49 2000

Sven Oliver Moll wrote:

if it looks okay, I think it might be time to release v7.

How about releasing wmx-6 first

Oh yes.  Good point, well made.  It's a good thing I'm not
coordinating Linux kernel development, or we'd be seeing 2.6
rather sooner than expected...

Maybe we should release wmx-6 right now, making it identical
to wmx-6pre6 (apart from the things saying what version it is)?
For my uses, wmx-6pre6 is the most stable version there's ever
been; it's probably a good idea to release it before the rather
scary amount of extra code that I'm realising is involved in
this new GNOME stuff becomes too implicated.