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[wmx] border around transparent aterm

stanislav shalunov - Mon Oct 09 08:50:28 2000

I am trying to use my background for useful dynamically updating
things.  I combine wmx and xnodecor for this purpose.

Analog watch appication (oclock) works fine.  However, I encounter a
problem when trying to run a text-based dynamically updating
application (it outputs two lines with battery status, wireless comms
quality, etc., sleep, and outputs the status again, in a loop).

My .xinitrc is as follows:

xset s off
xsetroot -solid gray
oclock -transparent -geometry +880+0 &
aterm -transparent -geometry 60x3+650+150 +sb -cr gray -pr gray -bd gray -ut -e running_status_display &
xnodecor -w oclock
xnodecor -w running_status_display
exec wmx

Everything is fine, except for the fact that there's a one-pixel black
border around aterm.

Any idea how I could remove that border?  (Or what approach should I
use other than aterm?)

[I'm not on the list.  Courtesy CC will be appreciated.]

Stanislav Shalunov <shalunov@internet2.edu>	Internet Engineer, Internet2

"Nuclear war would really set back cable [television]."  -- Ted Turner