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[wmx] Feature suggestion: Menu of all clients?

An Thi-Nguyen Le - Fri Jul 28 21:11:53 2000

I use quite a few channels while working, and can't always remember 
where I put what clients, and have to search through the channels 
for them.  I was wondering if (although I don't know where this 
would go, mouse and keyboard-wise) a menu that listed all clients 
would be a good idea (perhaps along with the channels they're on).

Maybe this menu would look like the channels menu, but each entry 
optionally leading to a submenu of clients to focus/warp to.  Heck, 
maybe it could be tacked onto the channels menu, but that might be 
asking a bit much.  :)  (I notice that menu items that are submenus 
don't pop up the submenu unless you drag the mouse to the left some.)

Also a way to plop clients onto different channels via the keyboard 
would be nice but one can always toggle MouseKeys for that.

An Thi-Nguyen Le
|Domestic happiness and faithful friends.