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Re: [wmx] Frame focus strangeness with transparent windows

Jo Moskalewski - Fri Jul 07 14:20:11 2000

"cannam" <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com> writes:

> Jo Moskalewski <mailinglists.input@jmos.net> writes:
> > 
> > Aterm is based on rxvt, so I can tell you it's the same
> > with rxvt
> I'm not sure I understand you correctly here, but rxvt is a
> pretty common program that I haven't noticed any problems with
> in any of various versions for several years.

rxvt works right by default, but if you use the new version, which can
be pseudo-transparent (option "-tr" - must be compiled therefore), it's
the same as with aterm or everything else based on it. "rxvt" focuses
right, "rxvt -tr" not.

The border wmx is using to show the focus seems to be a never updated
snapshot of the display-background behind this border on start-up - so
if I'm carrying the window around it shows something from an other part
of the display - and no focus (hm - that's not 100% correct - you still
see the focus on the close- and minimize-button).

Does anyone know EPIwm? They make a list like that:

| jo@planet ~> cat .epiwm/style 
[ ... ]
| "gkrellm" NoTitle NoBorder Sticky WindowListSkip
| "tkgoodstuff" NoTitle NoBorder Sticky WindowListSkip

It's an easy (?) solution to make a pretty desktop (and the biggest
whish I have to wmx ...).

> Presumably the answer lies in the aterm source somewhere.

That what I wanted to say with my little story one mail before ;-)

:-) Jo