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Re: [wmx] windows

Jo Moskalewski - Fri Jul 07 20:51:44 2000

madhu@violet.csa.iisc.ernet.in writes:

>  can anybody tell me how to make the windows 
>  decoration free.
[ ... ]
>  how can i make use of  xnodecor.c?

Just read the code of xnodecor.c - there's a manual at the beginning.
On my Debian 2.1 / 2.2 xnodecor didn't compile as it is - I've got to
add the line "#include <unistd.h>" in the code an move it to a own
directory. After that it's a good idea to copy (or move) the new binary
somewhere in your path ;-)

xnodecor only can hide windows *before* wmx is up - when wmx is already
running, there is afaik no way to hide the decorations. For example your
"~/.xinitrc" could look like this:

asmail &
xnodecor -w asmail

Some programs (like gkrellm) make problems - it seems to me like their
saying two times "hello, I'm here", so I had to work there with "sleep":

gkrellm -g -0+0 &
sleep 2s && xnodecor -w gkrellm

:-) Jo