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Re: [wmx] Frame focus strangeness with transparent windows

An Thi-Nguyen Le - Thu Jul 06 19:13:15 2000

On Thu, Jul 06, 2000 at 09:50:23AM -0700, henri typed:
} > There's a transparent term that works without a special root program 
} > (well, the new version 0.4.0 does) called aterm.  Now that it's 
} > cleared up some issues with scrollbars and suchlike, I'm using it more 
} > and wondering about something more, which is that for a transparent 
} > aterm, the focus frame isn't drawn right even when it is in focus; more 
} aterm isn't really "transparent" they are using the same thing that
} the ETerm folks have been doing for a while.

I KNOW that.  Okay, call it pseudo-transparency.  Sheesh.  :)  

But the ETerm folks *need* Esetroot.  A big fat ugly memory hog, in my 
view.  Aterm doesn't need any kind of setroot now to run very well, as 
of 0.4.0.  (Before, without a setroot, there were some rather disturbing 
scrollbar issues but the pseudo-transparency was still there).

} http://www.jcraft.com/weirdx/screenshots.html
} an X Server written in Java w/ "real" transparency, notice that you
} can see windows under other windows.

Yes, yes, yes, know all about it, think it's a bad idea.  But that's 
just me, the 'Java for stuff other than web applets and toaster ovens? 
<twitch twitch>' person.  I just want to see the background.  I don't 
want to see other bloomin' windows.

An Thi-Nguyen Le
|"Absolutely nothing should be concluded from these figures except that
|no conclusion can be drawn from them."
|(By Joseph L. Brothers, Linux/PowerPC Project)