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Re: [wmx] Frame focus strangeness with transparent windows

henri - Thu Jul 06 18:54:42 2000

> There's a transparent term that works without a special root program 
> (well, the new version 0.4.0 does) called aterm.  Now that it's 
> cleared up some issues with scrollbars and suchlike, I'm using it more 
> and wondering about something more, which is that for a transparent 
> aterm, the focus frame isn't drawn right even when it is in focus; more 

aterm isn't really "transparent" they are using the same thing that
the ETerm folks have been doing for a while.

which is to grab the root window's pixmap for the coordinates that the
aterm is over and using that as the background for the aterm.

real transparency would allow you to see a window that is underneath
the aterm.

take a look at:


an X Server written in Java w/ "real" transparency, notice that you
can see windows under other windows.


-- otherwise i don't see anything wrong w/ what wmx is doing, but i
may have misunderstood the email