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Re: [wmx] Frame focus strangeness with transparent windows

Jo Moskalewski - Thu Jul 06 23:01:46 2000

An Thi-Nguyen Le <viper@srh0967.urh.uiuc.edu> writes:

[ aterm ]

> the focus frame isn't drawn right even when it is in focus
[ ... ]
>    http://srh0967.urh.uiuc.edu/wmx/normal-focus.gif
>    http://srh0967.urh.uiuc.edu/wmx/abnormal-focus.gif

Same here - the frame only looks right when the pointer is over it on
starting up - once the focus leaves, aterm never displays correctly.

Aterm is based on rxvt, so I can tell you it's the same with rxvt (and
with wterm too). These terminals are drawing their window different from
other windows: I wanted a log-tail on the desktop - no borders, no
"tasklist"-entry. So I've used xnodecor to make this possible, but my
experiments showed me, that aterm for example starts without the
scrollbar (but with a own border!), and then waits until the window-
manager draws his border - and when this is done, the scrollbar comes

Nice screenshot to make my never-used "english" clearer?

The two logtails there started with the same comandline - one before wmx
was running and followed by a xnodecor, second with a already running
wmx. IMHO the solution couldn't be found in wmx - bug of aterm?

:-) Jo