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[wmx] Frame focus strangeness with transparent windows

An Thi-Nguyen Le - Thu Jul 06 18:18:50 2000

This has been a strangeness in (as far as I can remember) all versions 
of wmx and possibly wm2 as well.  

There's a transparent term that works without a special root program 
(well, the new version 0.4.0 does) called aterm.  Now that it's 
cleared up some issues with scrollbars and suchlike, I'm using it more 
and wondering about something more, which is that for a transparent 
aterm, the focus frame isn't drawn right even when it is in focus; more 
specifically speaking, only its black outline is drawn.  This is 
somewhat neat and somewhat disturbing at the same time.  I've been 
scanning the Border.* files but I don't find any obvious leads (and 
I don't have much experience with X11 programming, which probably 
doesn't help).  

Here are two screenshots of aterm, one without transparency and one 
with it.  The black outline in the latter is most visible in the flame.


Aterm has got some other problems with it, such as the cursor changing 
colors with the color of the text, but if it ever gets past that it 
would be a Neat Thing.  

Plus this is just weird.  Why would aterm's transparency rub off on the 
window fixtures (so to speak)?

An Thi-Nguyen Le
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