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Re: [wmx] Tab idea...

Zvezdan Petkovic - Fri Jun 23 21:36:24 2000

An Thi-Nguyen Le wrote:

> You can do similar things for tcsh.  Not that I remember what they were.  :)

I have this in my .cshrc:

     switch ($TERM)
         case "xterm*":
             set prompt="%{\033]0;%n@%m:%~\007%}[%~]> "
             set prompt="[%n@%m:%~]> "

Notice that this works for rxvt also.  I use rxvt, and since it recognises all
xterm resources from .Xdefaults and presents itself as a member of xterm* class
everything works just the same as for xterm.

As for the tabbing idea, I certainly won't use it.  As Chris said in one of
these messages, once one succeeds to type rm -rf in a wrong xterm about 2 am,
one learns to appreciate separate windows. Especially in wm(2|x), it's so easy
to bury the window and keep the desktop uncluttered. I hope everybody remembers
just to press Alt-Enter.

Zvezdan Petkovic

mailto: z.petkovic@computer.org