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Re: [wmx] New tarball, and some questions

Lasse Rasinen - Thu May 18 08:01:41 2000

"cannam" <cannam@all-day-breakfast.com> writes:

> This tarball contains wmx-6pre1+gnome+group from Henri, wmx-6mh1 from
> SvOlli, Lasse's keyboard-menu tweak, an 8-bit-charset-clean Rotated.[Ch],
> my own channel-button patch and a new thing of mine that attempts to
> make the circulation order a bit more useful (as per recent discussion;
> see below for more).

Having used this at work for a few days, I've noticed that the
ShowGeometry box now appears at the bottom of the screen. Has this come
from some of the fixes or is it some new innovation? And what's the
reasoning for it? I prefer the old location, squarely at the middle of the

Second, the Rotated.C still isn't 8-bit clean, rxvt -title äääaaaööösssåååddd
gives rxvt with 'aaasssddd'..
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