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Re: [wmx] New tarball, and some questions

henri - Thu May 11 17:22:24 2000

> Right, I think we're getting a few too many "here's my own release,
> sorry no patch" tarballs -- Henri's GNOME+group code, Sven's multihead
> stuff et al.  So I've attempted to merge them and tidy things up a bit.
>   http://www.all-day-breakfast.com/wmx/wmx-6pre2.tar.gz
> This tarball contains wmx-6pre1+gnome+group from Henri, wmx-6mh1 from
> SvOlli, Lasse's keyboard-menu tweak, an 8-bit-charset-clean Rotated.[Ch],
> my own channel-button patch and a new thing of mine that attempts to
> make the circulation order a bit more useful (as per recent discussion;
> see below for more).

unfortunatly there is something not right with my latest stuff (the
GNOME patch) and the latest Gnome TaskList (from the helix-gnome
distribution). I'll test 6pre2 at work today, and will send you a
patch for the readme to explain a workaround.

I guess now is a good time to write the TaskList's author and ask what
they changed.