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Re: [wmx] Slight menu annoyance (and comments on related stuff)

Lasse Rasinen - Mon Aug 16 12:02:12 1999

Owen Cameron <nemo@nethouse.goldweb.com.au> writes:

> Anyways, who said there would be two overlapping mechanisms with a dock?
> Rather, it would be two ways of accessing the same mechanism surely? 
> While I haven't coded in years, surely it shouldn't be too hard?
>   -Implement a toggle for window decorations
>   -the "dock" then simply calls three functions. 
>     1. sticky window
>     2. window decorations off
>     3. alignment to the dockpoint.
> Can the real programmers now stand up and tell me all about my faulty
> assumptions? ;)

That seems all nice and logical. Now we need a volunteer to do that (I
don't completely grok how the decoration windows etc. are implemented, as
my X programming experience is still a bit limited). OTOH, the autodock
when the window is on some border is a tad iffy. A lot of people move
windows temporarily to the sides to keep the workspace tidy. I do, at

> I tend to feel that the "look" should be runtime and the "feel" be
> compiletime. So fonts, colours, pixmaps, maybe even border width are "look",
> while channel-switching-delay, close-button-kill-delay, hotkey setup, etc
> are all "feel".
> Conceptually at least, that is what seems logical to me. I don't use any
> runtime configuration myself, but most of the recompilation I do is to 
> change frame colours, text colours, etc.

Right. I never saw it that way, but I guess you have a point. I don't
diddle with the colors myself, it could only be worse (I'm no artist).