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[wmx] AC hacks WMX. news at 10.

Owen Cameron - Fri Jun 18 13:30:50 1999

ooh... quiet list this past week. 

Did anyone else notice that Alan Cox has turned some attention to wmx? 
   I've been hacking wmx (a very cool very small window manager) - if E
   is everything you hate about window management you might like wmx. I
   now have a variant called wm110 that is designed for 640x480 palmtop
   or other small screens. I just need to teach it about gnome
   compliance, gnome menus and write a couple of small gtk apps to go
   with it. Oh yes and get Miguel to give gmc a 'leave the root window
   alone' mode.

...personally, I'm curious to know what changes are made to make it designed
for standard VGA resolution...

Alan? Are you on this list?

Gnome compliance would rock... dunno about the gtk apps to go with it though.
My personal view on wmanager specific apps are that if they must exist, build
them into the wmanager in a space efficient way. (ie, look at all that wasted
space in most titlebars! :)  

Anyways, I don't really have a system to try out Gnome with anyways - but 
that's never stopped me before ;)  Soon as I can get my hands on a Debian
2.2 CD, I'll be doing it I suspect. (I have bandwidth to preserve, or I'd
go for it now :)

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