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[wmx] Gnomification

Martin von Weissenberg - Fri Jun 18 18:24:40 1999

In light of the latest messages re Alan Cox and Gnome, some of you may
be interested in the following piece of news (copied from


  Window Manager Spec Initiative

  The Window Manager Spec needs revision. We want to make it a
  desktop-neutral specification, used by KDE, XFCE, and anyone else who
  wants to use it. There's already been some movement in this direction;
  Miguel has spoken with Raster about it, and I believe KDE is in on it
  too. A common spec will improve interoperability (mix-and-match
  pagers, etc.) and ease the maintenance burden on window manager
  authors. Window managers could even use the spec to implement their
  native pagers.

  Anyway, if you know about window managers and hints, or you maintain a
  window manager, please subscribe to the mailing list:


  Mail wm-spec-list-request@gnome.org with 'subscribe' in the subject.

  This list needs to have excellent signal-to-noise ratio so WM
  maintainers will stay on it; please, if you don't hack window
  managers, don't even subscribe. The list will be archived on
  www.gnome.org with the other lists. Let's hope these guys can reach a
  consensus and give us a nice spec to work with.

  It would be nice to get people from X.org or people who've worked on
  the Motif hints or other original X stuff involved here as well.



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