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Re: [wmx] more gnome stuff

Lasse Rasinen - Mon Jun 21 09:25:10 1999

henri <henri@asu.edu> writes:

> moved the left mouse 'menu' to the middle mouse, dropped the .wmx
> menu, pass left and right clicks to gnome.
> (when clicked on root window)
> left mouse -> rubber band mode, you get to select >1 gmc icon
> middle mouse -> "new" + window list
> right mouse -> gnome menu

Why not simply lie to Gnome?)

Since Gnome menu is meant to supersede .wmx menu, why not use left for
window list, middle for Gnome menu, and right for rubberbanding? This way
the UI doesn't change too much. 

Also, the possibility to leave the buttons in wmx-compatible mode would
also appeal to some people like myself. I don't see myself using gmc in
the near future, nor the Gnome menu, as I like the simplicity .wmx menu