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Re: [wmx] heh, please help me.

O'Shaughnessy Evans - Mon Jun 21 19:29:03 1999

Stefan `Sec` Zehl <sec@42.org> wrote:
> Hi alls,
> On Sat, Jun 19, 1999 at 09:52:06PM -0700, henri wrote:
> > 
> > ok, Alan Cox linked to my wmx+gnome page and i've been getting all
> > sorts of hits. the problem is that i don't really have any info up (or
> > screen shots).
> > 
> > i currently link to Chris' site and Sec's. anyone have a good
> > screenshot/more info?
> The knew only about two more Sites (which are mostly talking about wm2,
> but I linked them anyway).
> I think your site contains most of the interesting informatin there is
> about wmx/gnome it's okay that way.
> About screenshots, 
> My own desktop looks quite boring (only one big xterm, and a netscape)
> so i guess a screenshot wouldn't be very interesting. But I'd very much
> like to include a few nice screenshots on the page, so send them (url's
> or images) to me.

Sec, I've got some screenshots online¹ (well, it's really the same
screenshot in multiple sizes).  You're welcome to copy the images and
put 'em up on your own site if you like.  I'd prefer that you not link
directly to my server, since it's just a measly cable connection and
servers are allegedly against my ISP's AUP (shh! ;-).

¹ http://gromit.callamer.com/workspace.shtml 

 - shaug

O'Shaughnessy Evans

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