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[wmx] AC's comments on wm110

Lasse Rasinen - Fri Jun 18 15:18:13 1999

I asked Alan Cox about the wmx snippet he had in his diary. The following
points came up in his reply.

1) He was using wmx-4 as he didn't know there was a newer one.
2) wm110:

> What I've done isn't really a wmx tune up for small screens its making
> a task oriented window manager from wmx. It changes the layout rules as
> follows
> All non transient managed windows are full height most of the screen width
> All size change requests for such windows are refused
> The windows are marked fixed, and cannot be dragged
> Transients are centered over the main window area and can be moved around.
> Every window manager sucked on the PC110. I sat down and tried to work out
> why - its because of two things
> 	  1.	A 640x480 screen is too small to do sensible window tiling
> 		  stuff
> 	  2.	The mouse on a palmtop/pocket PC is invariably grotty. 
> So instead of shuffling windows about its better to use the right-menu
> fast window selection and just show the application you are using at
> that moment the big size.
> I no longer have to position and size windows, I can rapidly flick
> between programs and the little area on the right happens to be handy
> for unmanaged things (gnome panel and similar toolbar programs)
> So its not really wmx any more in feel, in fact it feels more like the
> psion5 PDA.

3) He hasn't done anything in the field of Gnome compliance, saying it's
   "just a wish list item"

So there. Get that Gnome stuff working, and we could ask AC to endorse it ;)