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Re: [wmx] Gnomification

henri - Fri Jun 18 18:44:00 1999

Martin von Weissenberg <mvw@hut.fi> wrote: 

i'm on that list, but haven't gotten any traffic yet....

i guess i should look into XFCE and KDE a bit to see what they do
(what reqs. they have)


> In light of the latest messages re Alan Cox and Gnome, some of you may
> be interested in the following piece of news (copied from
> http://www.gnome.org/news/fullitems/0.shtml):
> -----------8<-------------8<-----------
>   Window Manager Spec Initiative
>   ===
>   The Window Manager Spec needs revision. We want to make it a
>   desktop-neutral specification, used by KDE, XFCE, and anyone else who
>   wants to use it. There's already been some movement in this direction;
>   Miguel has spoken with Raster about it, and I believe KDE is in on it
>   too. A common spec will improve interoperability (mix-and-match
>   pagers, etc.) and ease the maintenance burden on window manager
>   authors. Window managers could even use the spec to implement their
>   native pagers.
>   Anyway, if you know about window managers and hints, or you maintain a
>   window manager, please subscribe to the mailing list:
>   wm-spec-list@gnome.org
>   Mail wm-spec-list-request@gnome.org with 'subscribe' in the subject.
>   This list needs to have excellent signal-to-noise ratio so WM
>   maintainers will stay on it; please, if you don't hack window
>   managers, don't even subscribe. The list will be archived on
>   www.gnome.org with the other lists. Let's hope these guys can reach a
>   consensus and give us a nice spec to work with.
>   It would be nice to get people from X.org or people who've worked on
>   the Motif hints or other original X stuff involved here as well.
> -----------8<-------------8<-----------
> --Martin
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