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[wmx] A newbie wants to know !

Niels Rasmussen - Wed Jun 02 21:50:33 1999

YIIHAAAA my first compiling are in the box !!!!!!!!!!

Hi all!

YEP, I finally did it (with a little help from my mailbuddy DM)!!
Well, I must admit that the Config.h was the problem :-)
I have changed the default in:
to 'True'

I changed it back and it finally happend!!! (I did change 'xterm' to
'rxvt' and got pixmaps in the menues and tabs though!)

But I think there is a huge error somewhere !! (maybe 2 feets from the
screen ;-))

Because when I lock out of 'rxvt' as the final application, there are no
text in my rootmenues ??

The "buttons" works fine but i cant see the text ?????

The text is there when Im starting X !!

And when I go out of X and back in again the pixmaps are all gone and it
all looks similar to the old wmx with the grey tabs ???

Then I have to restart the machine to make it work again !!

I wonder why ??? Did any of you have the same error ?? ( it irks me !)

Please help make it work correctly. (so I can make a show of to my
Colinuxmaniacs ;-))


I still think that this is a fantastic windowmanager, I love the
shortcuts. Just turn on NUMlock and navigate with netscape, cool !! ;-)


"If this should failed, then delete yourself and insert another user"
*Windows for fools*

Niels Rasmussen	<nielsemand@image.dk>